The impact of reading engagement on improving literacy and learning cannot be overstated. A growing body of research shows that reading engagement is a key element in a student's success. Researchers found that learning opportunities generated by engaged readers themselves were roughly equal to several years of education at school.

Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS) is aiming to build a culture of literacy where reading, writing and literary-based critical thinking activities are woven together throughout the school. This will create the desired culture where literacy skills and a love of reading become the heartbeat of the school.

Engaged readers grow in learning and literacy because they:

  • Become immersed in their reading — they read for pleasure, and to satisfy their curiosity
  • Discover information and stories that help them learn and achieve
  • Get motivated to read and learn more — which makes reading easier and more enjoyable, and creates a 'virtuous circle' of constant improvement

Simply put, when children have access to good libraries with plenty of good books and adequate staffing, they read more – and when they read more – their reading and learning improve.

Your contribution will help us reach that goal!

Donors will be recognized based on the following tiered donation levels:

  • Friend ($20+)
  • Supporter ($100+)
  • Partner ($250+)
  • Advocate ($500+) Note: A bookplate with your name will be placed on a book in the library for all ‘Friend’ to ‘Advocate’ level donors
  • Sponsor ($1,000+) 

Additionally, if you wish to donate at the ‘Champions of Literacy’ donor level ($75,000 for elementary schools, $100,000 for middle schools and $125,000 for high schools), to pay for librarian-developed collections of digital and print resources, you will be invited to name the library to which the donation is directed (libraries that have already been named are not included in the list below). To donate at this level, please contact Andrew Maxey, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at (205) 759-3722.


Posted on 07/30/2018 13:21:42
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